Philippine House Construction Process

STEP 1: The Site Visit
Your Philippine Home construction process starts with a site visit with you to develop a design brief together with initial budgets and feasibilities. Please present us copies of your Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT), lot plan and vicinity map.
STEP 2: The Conceptual Estimate
Based on the ideas generated at the initial visit we determine a snapshot estimate of your budget and project requirements. [ Read also: How Much Does A House Construction Cost In The Philippines? ]
STEP 3: The Initial Design & Preliminary Estimate
Our in-house architect and designers will start developing the plans based on the design brief. Once the initial design drawings are ready we will meet with you to review the plans, initial selections and your budgets. Using this info we will generate a recommended budget. The Design Fee, including all working drawings, is FREE (refundable) when house construction is availed and contracted with our company.
STEP 4: The Scope of Work (your firm budget)
To develop the Scope of Work, you will attend planning meetings in order to make your choices of materials and certain design elements known. We will offer suggestions concerning the cost of completing your project based on the choices you make. The goal of this stage is to identify any gray areas, and create a Scope of Work that includes every material and detail used in the building or remodel of your home. Our goal is to increase clarity, identify and manage problems early on, have few change orders, and complete your home in a timely manner.
STEP 5: Reaching an Agreement and the Start of Construction
Once an agreement is reached, we sign our Agreement of Construction contract. We prepare the final working drawings and process the necessary building permits, (free of charge when house construction is availed and contracted with Borines Builders Philippines.) Once construction starts you begin to see your dream home develop.

Upon signing of the construction contract, we ask for ten percent (10%) initial payment to close the deal. When the Building Permits are released, the twenty percent (20%) down payment is settled to finally start with the actual house construction. The balance will be paid through a monthly progress billing scheme.

As you enter this stage of work, you will continue to develop your relationship with your professional and courteous production team whose responsibility is to meet the building schedule, ensure quality and cost control, coordinate all work done, answer your questions, and address any new ideas you may have. Yes, we do accommodate your new ideas, and will calculate necessary changes to your budget. A change order is written, signed, and your new requests will be incorporated into the work on your home. Some requests create new time frames which are reflected in a revised completion date.

Philippine Home Builders architects will continue to remain involved in your project, visiting the site often, attending meetings with you and our lead carpenter, and is available for any questions you may have during the building or remodeling of your home.

STEP 6: Project Completion
It normally takes an average of 5 to 6 months to undertake a house construction project. This will depend on many variables like complexity of the plan, change orders, finish specifications, weather conditions and others. Of course, if you so desire to to have your home built faster than this time frame, there is the option to add manpower, but it may add to the cost investment.

Borines Builders, however, makes sure that we will deliver your brand new home, ready for occupancy, as scheduled on our construction contract. At last, your new home construction or remodel is complete! Prior to your occupancy, our quality assurance team will walk through your home, noting any questions or concerns you may have. Warranty and maintenance care are addressed, and you will receive a manual that is specific to your home’s warranties and maintenance needs. Of course, your questions and recommendations are welcome anytime, and we are always only a phone call away.

For information regarding drafting and construction services, please refer to our AutoCAD Architectural Drafting Services page.


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